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I did it like this: Initialise geth in dev mode with the -- flag geth --dev --allow-insecure-unlock Never do this in mainnet mode. Attach a web3 js console Run this to create 10 unlocked accounts and fund them from the default account: for (i=0;i<10;i++){ a = personal.newAccount('pwd') personal.unlockAccount(a,'pwd') web3.eth.sendTransaction({...


Infura only supports a subset of the Ethereum JSON-RPC endpoints that web3 knows about. You can see the list in Infura's documentation. The RPC that web3.personal.UnlockAccount is trying to use is called [personal_unlockAccount][2]. The personal module is all about maintaining a local wallet, including signing transactions and messages and creating new ...


Using HDWalletProvider you can also pass a single private key of the specific account that you want to use, instead of the mnemonic. Example: //load single private key as string let provider = new HDWalletProvider("3f841bf589fdf83a521e55d51afddc34fa65351161eead24f064855fc29c9580", "http://localhost:8545");

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