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How are balances updated on Ethereum

Balances on Ethereum are updated through the execution of transactions by the EVM. When a transaction is executed, it can result in changes to account balances, contract storage, and other state ...
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Hardhat Tasks - How to import an account with a private key as signer

Update your hardhat.config.js module.exports = { ... networks: { sepolia: { url: "<key>", accounts: [private_key, private_key,...] // ...
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Can you convert my address (bytes20) type to a bytes32 string?

If you're using Ethers.js '0x'.concat(contract.address.slice(2).padStart(64, '0'))
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How to query balance and lock duration of staked tokens across multiple protocols

the stake/LP balances across multiple defi protocols for a given account address. There is no standard for this. You need to Manually go through each protocol Study and understand their smart ...
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