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contract.deploymentTransection.wait(1) not working in ethers version 6.4.0

await simpleStorage.deploymentTransaction().wait(3); Note that deploymentTransaction is a function call, it requires the round parenthesis.
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Function not returning address when using web3 provider

My adress account is zero and about on remix is showing block what do I do
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Error: factory runner does not support sending transactions DEPLOYMENT

In hardhat.config.js, you should use accounts instead of account require("@nomicfoundation/hardhat-toolbox"); require("dotenv").config(); const { INFURA_API_KEY, ...
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Verification of contract using Brownie

A few things to double check to make sure its working correctly: Run brownie compile to ensure most recent contract is compiled Ensure environment variable in .env file is named ETHERSCAN_TOKEN Make ...
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Send selected token (the one you deployed) with web3js

To interact with a contract on a blockchain, you must have to communicate with a RPC or any other endpoint prefer. To that you may have to use a direct API call, a library like web3 or ethers from a ...
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Failing to deploy any Contract

I reinstalled the whole project folder - this led the compiler to accept certain changes which it didnt accept before (most notable change was the addition of constructor arguments for Ownable.sol) ...
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Unable to deploy on Eth mainnet

Do not worry. The word displayed above shows that you have correctly connected to the Ethereum mainnet network, because the ID being displayed is 1. Please continue with the steps of deploying and ...
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Controlling Contract

You could use Remix, a web IDE which allows you to deploy a contract or call a deployed contract's functions using their interface. You can access it there: It includes ...
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Is there a way to extract ABI from a deployed contract? I think this is a good answer if someone is looking to get the function signatures, ABI from bytecode. It also has a way to retrieve the function signature in human ...
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Deploying a Contract vs. Instantiating a Contract

Deploying a contract means that it doesn't exist yet on the Blockchain. You have the code, that you will compile and deploy on a Blockchain to be accessible. Once deployed it can be interacted with ...
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