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Is it possible for a view function to revert (in a loop?)

Yes. Usually public nodes limit view functions to the block gas limit. To protect servers from denial of service attacks. You could run your own server and set a very high gas limit.
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Race conditions when calling remote contracts

But in this paper, there is an example of a concurrency problem and a race condition in one smart contract by calling two concurrent transactions, creating a race condition, and a kind of attack ...
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How to check the size of a contract in Solidity?

You can get contract size in hardhat e.g. test.js in /scripts of hardhat project const hre = require("hardhat") async function test() { // Use Hardhats provider (locally) or your own ...
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Etherscan claimed MANA, DEXE & REQ tokens creation tx's return different contractAddresses, they got an issue or I miss something?

Apparently it's also possible to create contracts using an internal tx with a type of CREATE or CREATE2 and that's the case for the above tokens
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UUPS Upgrades using Foundry

The OpenZeppelin team has developed a new library based on Foundry for working with UUPS contracts. Check it here:
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What's type hash's usecase in EIP-712?

EIP-712 is about "hashing and signing of typed structured data". It does provide "an extensible mechanism for domain separation" which is important for security, but the goal of ...
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gasLimit argument in ethers.js confuses me

Without seeing the contract you're calling, it's hard to tell you exactly what is causing this. However, one thing I would like to point out in your assumptions is: The state of the smart contract ...
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I need help coming up with a code solution of a change I want to make to my stable coin project

I figured it out this proposed solution work with a small modification from this: function mintDsc(uint256 amountDscToMint) public moreThanZero(amountDscToMint) nonReentrant { // Retrieve the ...
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How to design a smart contract that allows people to trade NFTs

Does a platform exist that supports this sort of NFT for NFT trade? I haven't heard of anything like this, but it might exist. This type of trade is called an "escrow." Use search terms like ...
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How to design a smart contract that allows people to trade NFTs

This is possible and you would do this with Solidity. You would use the ERC-721 functions which would require that both users approve the smart contract to transfer (via the ERC-721 approve function) ...
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