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The way I usually do this is by emitting an event that includes the created contracts address. It actually looks like the contract you called (0xc0abbf630bc11aa4a48f2cb6735f22104eeaf3e2) does this in the very last transaction as the last topic https://etherscan.io/tx/0x996a683acd59a2ad17461f76ce0f387a89a5ac257ec5d667556219c6acc7f45a#eventlog. The source isn'...


If you are using a Javascript JSON RPC client library, like web3.js or ethjs, you will not get a transaction hash when you try to send a transaction that's invalid in the ways you describe (insufficient balance for gas, nonce out of order, address for which you don't have the private key or is not a test account, etc.) Instead, you'll get a error that your ...


If you invoke a function that doesn't exists in a contract it will call the fallback function. In the case of the DAO it will execute the following function which returns a bool. function () returns (bool success) { if (now < closingTime + creationGracePeriod && msg.sender != address(extraBalance)) return createTokenProxy(msg.sender);...


in 2019 they introduced paid plan and limits for free plan. For RPC request 10 req/sec, 100000 req/day. https://infura.io/docs/ethereum/json-rpc/ratelimits

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