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To quickly answer the question, it does not seem to be something bad. The second request seem to be requesting block data based on its number . I am not sure for the first. It seems to be requesting the latest block number of the chain.


One simple trick could be host geth on separate server and only allow rpc over localhost. Then write a simple api on geth server which will receive requests from your other server, interact with geth and send you back the response. You can secure your api by adding some private key to the routes so that nobody can visit those api urls unless they know the ...


Events are emitted by contracts, but the address 0x7d8f5F4ACa6Ca7Eb857A9F36d46b0aA715a88849 you use is not a contract. But the address has three related Erc20 Token transactions. Let's assume you like to see the events from the related contract 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7. You have to filter the topic with your specific account, like in the ...

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