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How to send a request for eth to a user that they can confirm with their metamask wallet?

Here is outline Create the request data and store it in a database Create a web page that displays this request Send a link of this web page to the user When the user arrives to the web page, they ...
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What is the best way to monitor all token balances of wallet address?

If I understand your query properly, you want to show balance of multiple Tokens in individual wallet address. If this is your question then as a solution you can use Ether-scan or other blockchain ...
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My Coinbase Wallet Seedphrase is compromised

Is probably going to depend on the distribution methods of each crypto. If the amount of crypto has a valuation of $1000 or greater and is on Ethereum (potentially Solana), then you can contact ...
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NEED help - MEV bots attacking our liquidity pools - how to counter or block the MEV bots?

I'm also concerned about MEV bots on my projects but not enough to implement this solution I devised. It would cause more headache than it's worth. Since a majority of MEV bots perform multiple ...
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When I run the yarn hardhat test the console only shows 0passing(0ms) and the test didn't run

In ethers V6 ethers.utils.parseEther() has been updated to ethers.parseEther() or as in your case ethers.utils.parseUnits() to ethers.parseUnits() This causes hardhat not to run the test without ...
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How should I handle tax that is less than my denominator?

One approach you could consider is to implement a tiered tax system. Instead of applying a flat tax rate to all transactions, you could have different tax rates for different transaction sizes. For ...
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Sent Eth to contract address can I get it back

The ETH can be withdrawn to your wallet address by the owner of the contract using the withdrawETH function. You can try messaging to the owner address using the Blockscan Chat. Or, you can also try ...
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Converting ETH from Ethereum Wallet to BNB on a (BSC) Wallet

You need to use some form of a "bridge" between different networks. Many services offer this functionality, some of which provide an API for your use. For instance, take a look at https://...
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Trying to `forge init` in Foundry but getting below error. Also tried to `git commit -a` but then also its not solving the problem

Direct Answer: forge install --no-git Context: Referring to foundry docs, it mentioned: By default, forge init will also initialize a new git repository, install some submodules and create an initial ...
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Actual Stable STABLECOIN

Very interesting question! I guess there is no final answer, but depending on what you are trying to achieve, a stable coin might not be a good fit it for. Stablecoins are conceptually 'cursed' to be ...
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