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A multisig defeats the point if one party is able to retrieve all the private keys from a single location, regardless of how many places you store the private keys in. That one party would be a single point of failure in this situation. If a hacker is able to break your backend and get at least 2 of the 3 required private keys, there is nothing you can do to ...


Infura does not request or obtain private keys. Infura cannot sign transactions. Signing requests are made by the dApp you are using. The dApp is more important for security, because it is what asks you what you want to do with your assets: Infura is just a node that passes your signed transaction to other nodes and miners. dApps also use Infura to show you ...


In the case where you accidently overwrote _ADMIN_SLOT with something else, then the deployment of your contract would fail rather than succeed silently.

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