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Are multiplications after division UNSAFE?

Slither has documentation for its detectors that explains the reasoning behind them. For this detector ("Divide before multiply"), the explanation is: Solidity's integer division truncates. ...
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How prevent of attack in Ethereum

Some common blockchain attacks include Denial of service Sybil Transaction censorship See here more on the topic. Note that as a blockchain user, unless you are building your own public blockchain (...
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Is there a way to stop wallet homomorph attacks without ditching the create2 opcode?

Even without create2, people could still do address poisoning would just be a little harder to generate the addresses but still not hard enough to make a difference.
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Is it profitable for a miner to manipulate blocks in a small Ethereum project?

If you don't expect your contract to ever hold any significant amount of value, then you are probably okay to go against best practice and use pseudorandomness. However, even if there is a small ...
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