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Mismatch in `accessList` between Geth and Nethermind

first note that the examples you provided are JSON that the RPC API can receive, but the actual access list is RLP-encoded into the transaction. but yes, according to the spec those transactions ...
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are there other ways to send bundle of transactions without using flashbot?

You can bundle transactions using a Multi Call contract. Just encode all your transactions into one and use the Multi Call contract. Here is the link
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where func U256(n *big.Int) []byte is deined in v1.11.6

Was moved to common/math // U256Bytes converts a big Int into a 256bit EVM number. // This operation is destructive. func U256Bytes(n *big.Int) []byte { return PaddedBigBytes(U256(n), 32) }
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Smart contract deployment pending forever

Your Go code calculates the gas price for the contract deployment transaction incorrectly — it sets it too low. Your Go code seems okay (I think?) but maybe it fetched the gas price at the state (...
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Batch NFT mining

They’ll have the same contract address as the original minted NFTs and different token Ids
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ERROR: Stack too deep when compiling inline assembly: Variable headStart is 1 slot(s) too deep inside the stack

this article may help. NonfungiblePositionManager needs an other external function position1, which returns less ...
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How do we compile a contract with pragma solidity 0.5.7 to work with hardfork `istanbul`?

Yes, it’s possible to compile a Solidity contract for a specific EVM version using Truffle. To compile for the Istanbul hard fork, you’ll need to update the pragma statement in your Solidity contract ...
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How to use contractAbi.Unpack to parse raw log data into a log type struct

You can use the UnpackIntoInterface() method which takes three parameters event := struct { Key [32]byte Value [32]byte }{} _ = contractAbi.UnpackIntoInterface(&event, "ItemSet"...
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Multiple transactions in one block

Yoo Maka, If you wanna do multiple Txn in an single block you can try doing that in Golang. Its very simple with Golang if its feasible for your project
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Do new clients necessarily need to connect to archive nodes?

It seems what you're fundamentally asking is: Does a new Ethereum client/node need to connect to an archive node to become an archive node? or Given a new Ethereum client can become a full node by ...
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is the impersonation of this function possible?

For testing purposes, it is feasible to pretend to be the function's msg.sender (caller) in solidity. If you have any more issues lemme know
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signing transactions with web3.js

try using let myData=contract.methods.greet("hello blockchain devs").call() if it is view or pure type function. else use res = contract.methods.greet('your msg').send({from : <caller ...
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How to build an Ethereum private chain using POS consensus

I run into the same problem. reconfig genesis.json file and problem solved. Default genesis.json will use POW instead. Here is the genesis file I use { "config": { "chainId"...
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how to encode transaction input data in Golang?

name := "add" rawName := "add" funType := 0 mutability := "view" param1, err := abi.NewType("value", "int", nil) inputs := abi.Arguments{ abi....
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