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What happens when you connect wallet to website?

According to cra-template-solidity, when MetaMask Extension is installed it monkey-patch window with ethereum object. If window.ethereum is undefined, there is no MetaMask extension installed. import {...
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Keystore file problem

The private key is encrypted with the password using the parameters from cipherparams. The most important part is "iv" which is random data, the rest of the params are selected by the wallet ...
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What happens when you connect wallet to website?

I connected my wallet to a scam sight and they collected my money, pls how can I secure that wallet? Or it has been corrupted. Do I need any strong security for the wallet or what could I do to secure ...
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How to redirect wallet native app from a browser dapp?

You need to do it in two stages Connect wallet (using WalletConnect) Issue payment request (using JSON-RPC API eth_sendTransaction or its wrapper)
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Why msg.value is not transferred to the owner?

This code doesn't make sense. You're trying to withdraw the amount you're sending to the contract at the time of calling the function withdraw. In other words, your money will just make a round trip, ...
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Sent to Safe Wallet(ETH) address that exists only for Polygon. Failed to retrieve. Searched and talked to CS but failed. Please advise

Hey thanks for your question. The recreation transaction failed on mainnet because it was sent to the Safe Proxy Factory, while the original transaction was sent to the MultiSendCallOnly contract. I ...
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