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If the account does not have enough balance, the transaction will fail. Prior to that, there will be no prevention.


In Ethereum, to execute operation in EVM costs you gas. One can change any state in the blockchain which is done through making transaction. In this case, you will be charged ether. To make transaction, we have some apis like SendTransaction inside internal/ethapi/api.go When you do send transaction, you can set gas limit and gas price. Your balance is ...


You could store data in a heap which would approximately double your storage requirements (or less if you're willing to do some extra computation for indirection) for balances but gives you O(log n) changes and you can get the top 5 holders in O(log n). You might also consider a sorted list for the entirety of the list (not just the top 5); insertions/...


Where did you get the 0x382117315856a533549ea621542ccce13e54ae82 address from? If you click BitBall token in your token list, you'll notice that it leads to So the real token address is 0x06e0feb0d74106c7ada8497754074d222ec6bcdf

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