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Standard contracts for assets

In Ethereum they are commonly referred to as tokens. Here's the official guide: It is very thorough and should answer all your questions. On the technical side, this is ...
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How many Ethers has the Ethereum Switzerland GmbH?

For those who haven't seen it, the PDF of the Terms and Conditions of the Ethereum Genesis Sale can be found here. (See the parent pdf directory for more gems.) On page 8 of the document: In ...
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1 vote

Erc20 token with rewards

The question is too broad. An ERC20 token gives you the accounting and transferability as well as compatibility with wallets and exchanges. Great. In theory, you can sell the tokens for money if ...
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Share difficulty and hashrate

Let’s have a look at the hashrate and difficulty of a Musicoin blockchain (similar to Ethereum, same as a Dagger Hashimoto algorithm). The values are smaller than you think, so I hope it will be ...
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Dwindling Pool Mining Shares Ethpool

This is normal and due to the mining difficulty rising in response to the additional hashpower being pointed at Ethereum. As Ethereum becomes more and more profitable to mine, the additional miners ...
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