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If two persons split the minting process payment 80-20% on opensea , what are the rights and risks of each one on NFT?

I am new to NFT minting. I created a collection and am about to create a NFT . Someone has a buying customer on opensea for my Artwork to be minted. He suggests to pay 20% of the minting fees while I ...
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I wana write Equity Token smart contract for Multiple Companies with there Corporate Action

**How can I design an equity token standard that accommodates multiple companies' corporate actions within a single contract, allowing each company to create its own token instance within the contract ...
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Calculate block/share difficulty

Introduction I am trying to obtain the share difficulty sent from my mining rig to the pool; I have captured the following stratum data: Work from pool sent to miner: {"id":0,"jsonrpc&...
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Stand alone dividend contract that pays out different token

I'm trying to create a dividend contract that contains a balance of token A which should be divided among holders of token B in proportion to their current balance. Both of these tokens are already ...
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Erc20 token with rewards [closed]

I want to create an etc 20 token that can be used to rais funds for projects and later distributes the revenue from the project to people who bought the token. How to do that ?
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I don't understand the "share" concept in miner and pool

If I launch a miner, after a few minutes it displays "shares: 65", 65 acepted. But pool statistics shows me "valid shares 23, stale shares 0, invalid shares 2". Last seen 12 minutes ago, but the miner ...
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Share difficulty and hashrate

Can anybody explain relations or formulas between share difficulty, target and hashrate? Thank you.
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Mining Nanopool almost without shares?

I'm using nanopool to mine ethereum classic, but Nanopool tells me that my device is offline because it doesn't get any shares This is my account :
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How many Ethers has the Ethereum Switzerland GmbH?

As I understand, the EthSuisse founded Ethereum in 2014. How many Ether do they have mined for themselves and how many are in the community?
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Claymore Eth Dual Miner: Acceptable rate of incorrect Ethereum shares

When I use Claymore in dual mining mode (no matter what combination - Ethereum + Decred, Ethereum + Pascal, Ethereum + Lbry), I'm unable to achieve zero incorrect shares for Ethereum (Incorrect ETH ...
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Possibly corrupted DAG file

I've started mining on Ubuntu 16.04 using AMD-GPU PRO driver and this miner: Video card is a RX480 with 8GB stock. I'm getting a lot of bad shares, like 10%...
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How many "shares" I got, submitted, or checked by this claymore display?

ETH - Total Speed: 175.728 Mh/s, Total Shares: 2117, Rejected: 0, Time: 14:13 ETH: GPU0 29.088 Mh/s, GPU1 29.468 Mh/s, GPU2 29.079 Mh/s, GPU3 29.058 Mh/s, GPU4 29.970 Mh/s, GPU5 29.066 Mh/s SC - ...
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Dwindling Pool Mining Shares Ethpool

anyone notice lower share count over the last cpl days on ethpool? i'm humming along at my blazing 25 mh/s speed (lol) and have seen my share count go from ~22/hr to low teens or even ~10/hr lately. ...
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Investing in private company's shares before they go public [closed]

I am very interested to invest in small start up companies that has upward potential to bringing it in the public stock exchanges. Where can I find these start up listing that offering cheap shares ...
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Standard contracts for assets

Does Ethereum have a standard contract for "dumb" assets that most common wallets understand? Mainly so that one can Issue new assets (one time issue) Distribute these assets to the accounts of ...
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Company Shares on Ethereum

Shares are designed to provide owners with: ownership profits/losses How would Ethereum based ownership make sure each owner, gets their share profits? Is this even possible with Ethereum / smart ...
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