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Best ERC-721 wallet for polygon chain technophobes

I couldn't actually find one that wasn't chock full of subtle ads regarding buying crypto so I made my own web app in the end. It auto-generates a key-pair and saves the pub key to the web client. As ...
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Trying to send Matic from one wallet to another on Mumbai but it is not sent

Welcome! Let's break this down a bit. I'll call 0x28362251e41186e518f1f2df2e4cb03f1690b6f0 "you", 0x94A8cF6ED56F6d3500f901bb911BBc6cA6CE88Aa "the contract", and ...
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Trying to send matic to a wallet but Can't stake MATIC

I see you're using testnet MATIC, which is probably on Mumbai. Mumbai seems to be down at the moment. shows that the last block/transaction was over 4 hours ago.
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