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Managing NFT Royalties Across Marketplaces?

Extension of ERC721 with the ERC2981 NFT Royalty Standard is a standardized way to retrieve royalty payment information. You can see the contract functions here:
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How only allow NFT minting after course completion

you need to have mapping to get track of whether an address is completed the course or not eg: mapping(address => bool) public isCompleted you can updtae this mapping if specefic address completed ...
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ERC-721 Contract

I guess the easy way would be when user A mints the NFT it gets minted to the contract itself and when someone buys it then the ownership gets transferred to that person. This wouldn't allow anyone to ...
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Is it possible to know if a NFT was sold in OpenSea?

It won't be straightforward to use the Transfer event. Instead, you may want to use the item_sold and the item_transferred events provided by OpenSea. You can listen to them by using their Stream API. ...
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Burn an existing NFT and Mint a new NFT in one go

I think it's possible by taking advantage of the safeTransferFrom function. The user can just transfer the old NFT this way to the new contract, triggering its onERC721Received function. You need only ...
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Transfer ERC721 tokens in BULK to single address

I made a small (free) tool that helps when transferring multiple NFTs from an ERC721: This assumes that you've already transferred the tokens to your ...
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An alternative to ERC721Enumerable and tokenOfOwnerByIndex()?

If you develop a contract by yourself, you are able to write your own functionality. Just create a structure which will store ids of tokens per user address: mapping(address => uint256[]) private ...
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How to mint random NFT token using ERC721SeaDrop?

To generate a random token ID for ERC721 tokens, you can use the keccak256 hash function to generate a hash of a random number, which can then be used as the token ID. Here's an example of how to do ...
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Transaction is successful but nft photo is empty

On mainnet Etherscan, NFT images take some time to be indexed, with different indexing priorities such as if your token is updated or not. Testnets explorers such as Sepolia or Goerli unfortunately do ...
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Transaction is successful but nft photo is empty

There is something you need to understand when working with ERC721 contracts. There are 2 types of NFTs you generate through this standard: Multiple NFTs: Something similar to Bored Apes. In this ...
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