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How to setup metadata on IPFS for newly generated metadata?

There are some people who have done individual token URIs for each NFT rather than having a base uri but you are still in the same boat. Where using a base URI might come in handy is if you have a ...
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fetching pinata works in dev environment but in production it does not?

This likely because you are using the Pinata Public Gateway which are not recommended for production use. You may want to consider using a Dedicated IPFS Gateway as they are less ...
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Best ERC-721 wallet for polygon chain technophobes

I couldn't actually find one that wasn't chock full of subtle ads regarding buying crypto so I made my own web app in the end. It auto-generates a key-pair and saves the pub key to the web client. As ...
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Multiple TokenURI URL in one smart contract

It's absolutely possible. My contract does exactly this. 100% Allows the owner to - after deployment - add volumes, and correspond tokens to those volumes, that are then minted cleanly on our dApp (...
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How to exchange one nft for another from a different contract?

Maybe there is no prior authorization. In the nft2 contract, the owner needs to execute setApprovalForAll(nft1, true) first. Please be specific in describing the problem you are encountering and the ...
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Best approach to simplify phantom array logic (ERC721 Enumerable) [HARD]

It's still not simpler, but it works as an implementation: /// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity ^0.8.21; contract PhantomIndex { address payable public immutable THIS; ...
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How to call functions or access public mappings from inside of a subgraph?

You can use .bind contract Uniswap V3 subgraph has an example here: let ...
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Transaction Builder: Error Message: GS013

I got this error message when importing your Safe in This Safe Account was created with an unsupported base contract. The web interface might not work correctly. We recommend using ...
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