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Why Etherscan's API missing ABI functions?

The contract is proxy, so it doesn't contain all the code itself. You need to check also the implementation. In this case the implementation is 0xe427199D43366F1ae552e612Ab388c317306fD5C, which has ...
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Ethereum transactions: how decode already decoded input data?

Depending on the commands parameter the inputs parameter elements should be decoded in different way ( check the Dispatcher.sol contract ). For example the inputs in this specific transaction can be ...
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function swap without Router Uniswap

It isn't too complicated or scary. You do have to be sure about your amount calculations but it will fail it can't give what you ask for. Essentially you transfer the tokens you are selling directly ...
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How to use signer details from ethers.js to sign transactions with

But once we've captured the signers' details with ethers.js, is it possible to use it for signing transaction in does not have an adapter for this yet. There is no theoretical reason ...
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