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Decode the multiple variables stored in one storage slot

In the following code the 3 declared variables will be packed and stored in one slot together. When the slot 0 zero is accessed to get the value we get an encoded value, like here we get ...
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Link between beacon chain slot and execution chain block

I have researched info about this topic and I seem to find no answer. If it already has been asked please kindly provide the link for it. I would like to know the link between slot and block. From ...
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Observed Beacon Committee Sizes

It says here:, that beacon committees are between 128 and 2048 members. It's cool to know the bounds, but anyone have any actual data ...
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How does the RANDAO mechanism prevent DoS attacks in the beacon chain?

I was reading through an explainer on the Beacon Chain at, which mentioned that block proposers are selected via the RANDAO mechanism. This raised a question about the network's resilience ...
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How to find the slot number for state variable overrides in eth_call, eth_estimateGas

The state override set allows you to deploy contracts and/or change the state of any contracts on demand while using eth_call. An example is given here -
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How do I manually find the storage slot for a string greater than 32 bytes?

This is my contract: SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity 0.8.22; contract StringStorage { string short_string = "ABCD"; string long_string = "...
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Solidity assembly: `target_slot`. Is it an opcode or other stuff?

I found this strange variable or opcode in inline assembly, but I'm not sure: target_ slot. I couldn't find its definition in the contract. I prefer it to be an opcode, but I didn't seem to find it ...
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Find slot of private variable

How do I find the slot of a private variable? I know that Foundry has the method stdstorage.sig(), but that only works for variables with public getters, so private ones are out of scope. Thanks!
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Why would a slot have 0% participation from sync committee (Sepolia)?

I'm working on a service that listens to blocks from the Ethereum Beacon chain (both mainnet and Sepolia), and uses the sync committee for submitting proofs of transactions to a light client. I ...
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Does block number increase when a slot has no proposed block?

If a slot has no proposed block (ie an empty slot), does the block number still increase?
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Why are Ethereum slots 12 seconds?

In Ethereum Proof of Stake, how was this particular slot time of 12 seconds decided upon? Credit:
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Is it possible to read a deployed contract's storage slot with solidity?

If a contract I want to read a given storage slot from does not expose the slot with a getter, is there a way to read it anyway from another contract in solidity?
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Does empty slot (by the proposal being offline) mean no transaction processing for 12 seconds?

guys! When a validator chosen as the block proposal in a certain block goes offline, the slot goes empty. Does that mean that no single transaction is successfully processed for the slot (for 12 ...
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2 answers

Why are storage slot values in the EVM limited to 256 bits?

Why is the EVM limited to saving 256 bits in storage slots? I've seen this post: Rationale behind 256-bit words in EVM But the answer doesn't quite explain why storage slot values are limited to 256 ...
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Ethernaut Level Puzzle Wallet. How Unstructured Storage Proxies work?

After solving all ethernaut levels I left in the end 2 levels with Proxy contracts because I didn't know much about it.All info in google is the same, so I decided to use Unstructured Storage Proxies ...
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Who is index 0 validator in ethereum beacon chain?

Address: 0x933ad9491b62059dd065b560d256d8957a8c402cc6e8d8ee7290ae11e8f7329267a8811c397529dac52ae1342ba58c95 In, the index 0 validator proposed block nearly 20,000 times and almost ...
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2 answers

What is the underlying mechanism behind empty slots in Ethereum?

Ethereum docs says: However, occasionally validators might be offline when called to propose a block, meaning slots can sometimes go empty. What happens when the randomly chosen validator is offline?...
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The codex[2²⁵⁶ - 1 - uint(keccak256(1)) + 1] corresponds to slot 0. How is that possible?

I'm stuck with Ethernaut Alien Codex problem. I understood underflow attack except that codex[2²⁵⁶ - 1 - uint(keccak256(1)) + 1] corresponds to slot 0. I referred to the below tables. Slot # Variable ...
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Why PoS block not strictly generated on 12 seconds

I'm trying to estimate the block arrival time in etherum PoS. I was given to understand that every 12 seconds, a new block will be generated. I did a simple calculation but the result is not expected. ...
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UniswapV3 PoolDepolyer (variables overriding throught slots)

I cant understand Pool deployment using variables transfering throught slots. How it works and why developers choosed that way of initialization(guess it's cheaper)? Pool contract snippet(simplified): ...
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2 answers

Why are there between 64 and 128 attestations every slot if there's only 64 committees?

Every slot have between 64 to 128 attenstations but all only have 64 committees. Some of the attestations on slots are done by 128+ validators of one committees while another attestation could be done ...
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How can I make an off-chain call to get the data stored at a specific storage slot on-chain? [duplicate]

I want to get data from on-chain that is not explicitly available through a getter. For example, if I know that there is data at position ...
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What's the difference between a Slot and a Block?

I'm running a private beacon chain with the Lighthouse client with some local validators: Mar 23 10:35:08.281 INFO Block from local validator block_slot: 13009, block_root: 0x2bab…25a6, ...
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