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Observed Beacon Committee Sizes

It says here:, that beacon committees are between 128 and 2048 members. It's cool to know the bounds, but anyone have any actual data ...
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How does the RANDAO mechanism prevent DoS attacks in the beacon chain?

I was reading through an explainer on the Beacon Chain at, which mentioned that block proposers are selected via the RANDAO mechanism. This raised a question about the network's resilience ...
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Finding validator address of a block

How to reliably find the validator address of a block? Relay API has gaps wherein some blocks are missing. Is there any other reliable way to get the validator address?
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Validator deposits in beacon api [Prysm]

I am running a private network with Ethereum 2.0 (pos). Using Geth and Prysm. I sent a deposit to the staking contract address an now, I'm querying the beacon node API at /eth/v1/beacon/states/head/...
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Is Beacon Node Consensus Client Lighthouse a buggy? Unreasonable for anyone to get CheckPointSyncURL who just start and decide to install full node

I have tried to sync full Ethereum node for 3+ weeks. Tried with 4 VPS servers and when I am gonna sync lighthouse and Geth simulatenously, it was working well. But after a few hours, lighthouse ...
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Beacon API - Get the slot number from beacon node given the block number or hash

/eth/v1/beacon/headers/{block_id} does not accept a block number as input. What is the most efficient way to get the slot number given the block number / hash? What is <hex encoded blockRoot with ...
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