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Decode the multiple variables stored in one storage slot

In the following code the 3 declared variables will be packed and stored in one slot together. When the slot 0 zero is accessed to get the value we get an encoded value, like here we get ...
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abi.decode() does not accept "address payable" as type

function myStatic() public returns (uint256[] memory, address payable[] memory, bytes32, string memory) { bytes memory encodedResult; bool success; (success, encodedResult) = address(...
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abi.encode an already encoded parameter

I want to use an already abi-encoded parameter and encode it again with another value. Encoding works, but I cannot figure out the decoding. I technically could decode it and encode it again with that ...
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Decoding Result Struct from tryAggregate3 Multicall3 with

Hello Ethereum StackExchange community, I'm currently working with the Multicall3 contract's tryAggregate3 function which returns an array of Result structs with the following format: struct Result { ...
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Solidity Event String parameter decoding

The value of aggregatorId in the event emitted by the below tx is not equal to value “oneInchV5FeeDynamic” in the tx? Also, I can’t decode the value emitted in the event “...
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How to decode universal router of uniswap

How can I decode the exacute function going through: "0x3fc91a3afd70395cd496c647d5a6cc9d4b2b7fad" router Etherscan decodes the data as follows: 0 commands bytes 0x0b08 1 inputs ...
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Abi encode / decode mystery additional 32 byte field Uniswap v2

When I encode my abi data in web3js or for a uni v2 trade I get the following: 0x 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000a0 ...
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