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fetching pinata works in dev environment but in production it does not?

This likely because you are using the Pinata Public Gateway which are not recommended for production use. You may want to consider using a Dedicated IPFS Gateway as they are less ...
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I am trying to display image on frontend using pinata and ipfs but facing this error

From the error it sounds like its more related to display(address) but let us know if you need more assistance with the upload part! We have some React examples here as well as an Next.js Template you ...
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React (opts:) not working, am i missing dependency?

That version of Web3Modal doesn't work any more and has been deprecated. Try v3 check docs here:
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How to call useContractRead of wagmi in diferents places of React Component

I encountered this issue and the wagmi react hooks gave me headaches as I was working with dynamic arguments. I ended up using the wagmi core actions and they worked just fine. You might have a little ...
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Uniswap - swap between Sepolia and my own erc-20 token

get provider in ethers v6: const provider = new ethers.JsonRpcProvider(""); get provider in ethers v5: const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider("");
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How to handle wrong chain error [Infura, Wagmi, React, Typescript]

provider = new ethers.InfuraProvider('sepolia', infuraApiKey); ... //in your React/NextJs: const { chain, chains } = useNetwork();//from Wagmi if ( !== expected_blockchain....
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