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TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getSigner')

It should be accessed using the ethers library of hardhat runtime environment (hre) like: const hre = require("hardhat"); async function main() { const signer = await hre.ethers....
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Infura Ethers.js jsonrpcprovider failed to detect network and cannot start up

Hi,bro,i adapt your reply,but I got a new Error,could u tell me how to solve this
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how can we control the logic behind ethersJs fallbackProvider's choices

Dev Advocate at Chainstack here. I made a tutorial about using the FallbackProvider. You can find it here: Ethers.js: Enhancing blockchain data reliability with FallbackProvider The TL;DR is that the ...
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Looking for the best provider

I am from If you want to read real-time data, try Bitquery's streaming APIs. Bitquery supports 40+ blockchains. Here are the docs.
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WEBSOCKETS Provider url for binance smart chain

Here is an example of BSC smart contract events stream. You can subscribe to any smart contract or specfic event. Learn more from their docs - ...
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