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web3 works a bit different than ether.js so when you deal with web3 you first establish a connection with the dapp and than when you call a function which change the state you use send() and pass from field with it. // Do connect to the metamask and bring the account address. Example: const web3 = new Web3(window.ethereum); const contract = web3....


As I understand it MetaMask is a Remote Client. A Remote Client offers an API and allows you to use the transaction functionalities of a wallet. Using the (injected) API, e.g. web3.js, means it translates the JS-code into JSON RPC, which is actually the language of a web3 provider (e.g. Parity or Geth). Although MetaMask includes the functionality of a ...


Just adding to Zack's answer above, you can get the address of the contract using the address keyword. So the event that you emit will be emit ContractCreated(address(c));


Your argument is valid, try to submit the tx with ethersjs or web3.

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