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How to send a request for eth to a user that they can confirm with their metamask wallet?

Here is outline Create the request data and store it in a database Create a web page that displays this request Send a link of this web page to the user When the user arrives to the web page, they ...
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How can i connect okx wallet (web3-react v6)?

You can check the boolean value of window.ethereum.isMetaMask property, as MetaMask injects an isMetaMask property into the window.ethereum object. So, you can use this property to check if the ...
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Running a Cryptocurrency Bot 24/7 Without a Computer

Is there a method or service that allows me to run the bot continuously without needing my computer to be on? It is a called a server. A server is a computer that is in a data center that runs 24/7. ...
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Decentralised investment contract for a centralised SAAS app

Smart Contract for Investment and Revenue Distribution: Your idea to automate investment returns and revenue distribution is feasible and aligns well with Ethereum's smart contract capabilities. You ...
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