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React (opts:) not working, am i missing dependency?

That version of Web3Modal doesn't work any more and has been deprecated. Try v3 check docs here:
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Why has the Safe{WALLET} dapp iframe an outer scrollbar?

Thanks for also posting this as an issue in our github. It's now fixed and will be released in 1.23.0.
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Callback After Dapp Approval

The best approach is using wagmi on your dapp. It makes pretty easy to watch transaction confirmation and straight forward. Here is an example using wagmi react. There are several hooks assist your ...
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Callback After Dapp Approval

Yes, you can use JavaScript along with the Web3.js library to listen for a 'Approval' event emitted by your BEP-20 token contract. Once the event is detected, you can trigger a pop-up on your website. ...
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Metamask getBalance method doesnt work

BigInt worked. Thanks to Zartaj Afser.
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Interaction of smart contract with mobile wallet/ wallet connect

you could just do simply do this :) const instance = new ethers.Contract( 'testERc20Address', testAbi, this.modal.getSigner()); const resp=await result.transfer('sometestAddresstoTransfer',22); &...
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