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Error: Timeout of 900000ms exceeded. For async tests and hooks, ensure "done()" is called; if returning a Promise, ensure it resolves

You need to call resolve() after fulfillRandomWords in your test so as to resolve the awaiting promise, like: await vrfCoordinatorV2Mock.fulfillRandomWords([1].args.requestId, ...
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disconnect wallet from metamask using ethers js

Yes, there is a way to disconnect some wallets. Uniswap now truly disconnects MetaMask. Their web3-react library doesn't, their widgets don't, but on their site the 'disconnect' ...
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TypeError: unsupported addressable value (argument="target", value=null, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=6.13.1)

As, RealEstate is a contract that you’re deploying, so you should get its address using await realEstate.getAddress() instead of realEstate.address, like: escrow = await Escrow.deploy( lender....
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TypeError: no matching function (argument="key", value="provider", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=6.6.2)

Try using const accounts = await ethers.getSigners() deployer = accounts[0] other then deployer = (await getNamedAccounts()).deployer As in higher version of ether js it might not work properly
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TypeError: chai.deployed is not a function

You should use waitForDeployment() instead of deployed(), because deployed() is replaced with waitForDeployment() in the newer versions of Hardhat. Also, you need to replace chai.address with await ...
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Layer2: Revert Execution Error when Calling exactInputSingle in Uniswap V3

if you are on Base mainnet im assuming you are using swapRouter02 with is just inherits from a lot of different routers. The problem is that swapRouter02 struct params is different from the swapRouter....
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In which language should i write my deployment code Javascript or Solidity

I can share what I use and others can give their opinion. I code both with (Python) and use Web3.js for tests. I use Truffle for testing (Javascript) and compiling Solidity, and Ganache as my ...
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Calling function on solidity contract fom JS

The issue looks in this line const endpoint =${infuraProjectId}; The infura URL you have selected is of ethereum mainnet. If you are testing on any testnets like ...
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Property 'revertedWith' does not exist on type 'Assertion'

I had a similar issue and apparently my test file name did not conform to the convention for tests in the 'include' section of my tsconfig.json It should typically look like this: "include": ...
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Hardhat deploy TypeError: ethers.getContract is not a function

deployer = (await getNamedAccounts()).deployer; fundMe = await deployments.get("FundMe"); mockV3Aggregator = await deployments.get("MockV3Aggregator"); await ethers....
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Error HH19: Your project is an ESM project (I already tried to changed chai from ^5.0.0 to ^4.3.7 but still failed)

try to rename hardhat.config.js to hardhat.config.cjs
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Unable to transfer ether from contract

I think that campaign.methods.finalizeRequest(0).call( should be campaign.methods.finalizeRequest(0).send( instead. Basically at the end you're making a call instead of a transaction.
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