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Nextjs 13 and Ethers properties of undefined (reading 'Web3Provider')

For people using YARN - Check the version of ethers package from package.json file. If it's 6.x then - yarn remove ethers -> Remove existing ethers package & references yarn add [email protected]....
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How relevant is front end knowledge to landing a job coding in solidity, or just coding in Solidity in general?

This is all opinion, I think front end could get by with just Javascript, but there is no way back end is going to get by with just Solidity. Even if your entire focus is smart contract programming ...
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How relevant is front end knowledge to landing a job coding in solidity, or just coding in Solidity in general?

You've got this! Just remember, it's all about honing your skills and showing what you can do. Here are some ways to back it up: Share your knowledge through a tech blog or newsletter with a dedicated ...
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insufficient funds for intrinsic transaction cost

I have 0.1TBNB in the sender and receiver wallet. I set a minimum gas price is 21000 in the transaction parameters as below. I got the "insufficient balance error". Can you please suggest? ...
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How can I retrieve the latest locked token from the Ethereum blockchain using JavaScript without knowing Solidity?

Create an Infura Account: You need an Infura account to access Ethereum nodes. Use the subscribe Method: Subscribe to new pending transactions (newPendingTransactions) using Infura. Retrieve ...
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Call sendSignedTransaction without waiting for result (execute in background)

Yes, it's possible to continue execution while the transaction runs in the background - remove the await keyword: function dreamOn() { web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(txFin); return; } The ...
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Trying to access the retrieve method from deployed smart contract but not able to using ether.js

Make sure you are using the correct ABI , find the retrieve function in the ABI . Also check your ethers version and check the docs for that version , how are they calling the contract. Also try to ...
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I am facing issues with pinata upload, please could anyone help me?

create your pinata_api_key and pinata_secret_api_key and fill this pinata_api_key: ,pinata_secret_api_key: ,
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What's Wrong With My Polygon Mainnet Aave Flashloan Script? - Fail with error '27' & Fail with error 'ERC20: transfer amount exceeds balance'

The ERC20: transfer amount exceeds balance error means that you are trying to transfer or transferFrom more tokens than you currently hold. The USDC token address you provided in your answer seems to ...
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