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how to make batch transaction in ethereum?

Yes, it is possible to send Ether to multiple addresses in one transaction on Ethereum, commonly referred to as batch sending. One approach is to use a smart contract where you iterate over a list of ...
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How to store large dataset into Ethereum chain?

Your approach of using Filecoin is a good one. You could upload the data to Filecoin or simply IPFS. When you do this, you would get the uri for this upload. You can access or refer this uri whenever ...
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eth_estimateGas Error when balance of an account < the amount to send in a transaction

This can be done, as state overrides were added to estimateGas. Example (is from python but almost identical in js): >>> w3.eth.get_balance(eoa.address)/10**18 0.00345956080893082 >>>...
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