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If I'm understanding your question correctly, you are asking whether you can go from any key pair in the hierarchy back to the original seed. This is not possible since each step down the hierarchy is a HMAC-SHA512, which is a just a SHA512 hash with a little extra. SHA512 is a one-way function, so you can't reverse it aka go up in the hierarchy. Even the ...


Entropy implies randomness. Using deterministic algorithms on a password is not entropy and SHOULD NOT be used! I would recommend researching how to gather entropic data from whatever programming language you're using.


You can come close to that what you want by letting the owner prove that he knows the private keys of both addresses. Something like: function proveOwnership(address masterAddr, address childAddr, uint8[2] v, bytes32[2] r, bytes32[2] s) { bytes32 h = keccak256(childAddr, masterAddr); require(ecrecover(h, v[0], r[0], s[0]) == masterAddr); ...


I figured out an Answer,, this library uses private/public key generated from Sep256k1 curve for encryption and decryption. from ecies.utils import generate_eth_key from ecies import encrypt, decrypt k = generate_eth_key() ##Instead of generating a new key, you can use sep256k1 keys generated with bip39 specifications. ...

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