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Solidity code for BIP32 public keys

Does there exist reference solidity code somewhere to derive child public keys from a master public key, as in BIP32?
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Can't derive an account from a mnemonic phrase like in metamask?

I wrote a script that derivate keys on a given derivate path. I tested it here, and the results are for the path m/44'/60'/0'/0/0 matched. My goal is to generate a mnemonic phrase, and then derive an ...
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Why is the same set of bytes encoded base58 differently?

I want to generate a bip32 private root key based on bip39 seed. I found an article with python code, copied it to myself and executed it, getting a valid private root key (checked here). Then I wrote ...
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How does a recovered HD wallet know how much of an ERC20 token you have in total?

My mental model so you can put me on the right track: A HD wallet is a mathematical tree construct from a seed key. The idea being that new key pairs, and therefore Ethereum addresses, can be created ...
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Why i am getting different public key values from same private key?

I have been exploring ethereum-cryptography library to build HD wallet features for my demo application. I have used HDkey library to generate master private key from master seed. The code is below ...
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Knowing a 12 word seed phrase is there a way to find which derivation path has a positive ETH balance

I have the seed phrase. I used it with different wallets at the same time. Chromia Metamask Firefox Metamask Chrome Metamask Metamask Mobile Trustwallet Mobile Seed phrase was also used to create ...
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Ethereum account for HD Wallet key generated with xpub key only using bitcoinj

Accordingly to the BIP32/BIP44 specification recommendations I generating HD Wallet addresses using bitcoinj library (DeterministicKey instances) with the path like M/44'/60'/0'/0/0 using xpub key ...
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Limit of address creation using single mnemonic

How many Ethereum address can be created using a single mnemonic for Ethereum using derivation path?
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Generate Ethereum address using Bitwasp/BIP32 library

I am new in cryptocurrencies. I am using PHP library Bitwasp/Bitcoin-lib ( to generate addresses for bitcoin. I am validating my outputs here. I was ...
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generate unique mnemonic with password(only)

I am trying to create an exodus like wallet, where for the first time user just need to enter the password to register on wallet. The method I thought, running PBKDF2 on the password with empty salt ...
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HD wallet public to public key derivation and non-hardened keys

This question is about hierarchical deterministic wallets and the bip32 standard which, as I understand it, allows you to deterministically derive child private/public key pairs from a master seed ...
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Encryption with BIP39 specification secp256k1 keys?

We are making a system where users can share files with other people but nobody should be able to figure out that all these different files belongs to same user on blockchain. these are the steps we ...
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Is possible to continue the BIP32/BIP39 algorithm from a Pk and Sk pair and "climb" to the mnemonic seed?

A few days reading about the BIP algorithm and the generation of the key pairs. Found that on the BIP 32 Paper: Child key derivation (CKD) functions Given a parent extended key and an index i, ...
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