I'll have a stab at this... It'll be a wallet that supports SLIP-0039 (Shamir's Secret-Sharing for Mnemonic Codes), the word list for which includes "rebound". I believe Trezors use such a scheme, so if you have a Trezor - or did have - that's where it'll have come from.


I'm curious why metaMask doesn't offer to generate seed words for a specific account Seed words are used as a seed to the master key of a BIP39-compliant deterministic wallet. BIP39 added the support for mnemonics to HD wallets, with the heirarchical deterministic wallet standard itself being BIP44 (previously BIP32). BIP44 allows you to generate private ...


I'm not sure how far your technical skills reach, but I found a script in one of my repositories from 2016. Maybe it was a more simple implementation, like one of the following? var ethUtil = require('ethereumjs-util'); const Wallet = require("ethereumjs-wallet"); var thirdparty = require('ethereumjs-wallet/thirdparty') exports.fromParityPhrase = function (...


When you are booting up ganache-cli, you can pass your mnemonic using -m or -menmonic. In ganache desktop app with UI, instead of doing quickstart, use New Workspace and navigate to ACCOUNT&KEYS Tab. There is a field to pass your mnemonic.

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