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Is adding a new feature to a Ethereum client, without altering consensus rules, a creation of a new fork?

So, if I add new features to my Ethereum client like new ways to Incentivize validators and nodes without altering the consensus rules, and 5 people start trying my Ethereum client, becoming nodes, ...
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In code Go-Ethereum in which file to change the name of the cryptocurrency?

As I understand it, from the source code of Go-Ethereum, it is possible to fork the blockchain. Sorry, I'm not an expert on this issue, and if you say to go to Github and change the source, I just won'...
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How Ethereum HardFork Complete?

When a major change happen in ethereum like Softfork or Hardfork, all nodes may not agree with this. So is this change possible ? Vitalik is creator of Ethereum. But ethereum is totally decentralized, ...
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Why does a permanent chain split occur only in a Hard Fork?

Have read a number of articles on what hard fork and soft fork actually are. But couldn't really get the essence of it. My understanding is Hard Fork brings a change in the core Blockchain code (...
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Handling of orphaned/dropped transactions

I'm curious as to what happens to transactions in orphaned blocks and what happens when a transaction gets dropped. Transactions in orphaned blocks They appear when a soft fork happens. All the ...
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What is Ethereum mainnet - Byzantium fork status

I don't understand the loops with different Hash but same block number @ Are they Uncles?
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Why did the DAO soft fork had a DOS attack vector?

It has been said that the soft-fork initially proposed to solve the whole DAO situation had a fatal attack vector that posed a danger to the whole network. I do not contest this fact, as it has been ...
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Is a hardfork more democratic then a softfork? [closed]

I was told that a hardfork would be a more democratic choice for Ethereum and the DAO problem then a Softfork was. Yet it has a greater impact to the system, as far as I understood. Which is true? Am ...
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Problem with mist Wallet 0.7.6 (Beta 20) "vulnerability release"

After updating to Wallet 0.7.6 (Beta 20), running mist start syncing mainnet from the beginning, which is very bad, because syncing ~1,7MBlocks took me 4 days last time ... Is that due to the "...
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What happens if a miner who didn't soft fork mines an "invalid" block?

Can someone explain, technically, what would happen if a majority of the miners adopted a soft fork (forward-compatible) making some tx invalid and then a miner who didn't fork happened to mine a ...
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What is a hardfork?

It is said that the transition from Frontier to Homestead will be done by a hardfork. What does it mean exactly? Are hardforks expected to also be used in future Ethereum upgrades?
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