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How can there be a fork if only one validator is allowed to propose a block per slot?

As I understand it, one and only one validator get selected to propose the next block on the beacon chain. This means that the other validator attesting can only attest to one block right? (since ...
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ETH 2.0 underlying technological changes confused

i am honestly a little bit confused which technological changes we will see in ETH 2.0, pls guide me to an up to date technological explainer. is it true, that ETH 2.0 basically uses these 3 main ...
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How do uncle blocks remain valid?

Even though Ethereum does not directly use GHOST, stale blocks can be included as uncles for a reward. How can uncle blocks remain valid, as I suppose state transitions must be non-conflicting? The ...
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Does Ethereum use the longest chain rule like bitcoin? [duplicate]

I can't seem to find a straight answer to this question. I know that Uncles are rewarded, but are they used to help secure the network? Or does Ethereum use the longest chain rule like Bitcoin?
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The rationale behind the mining reward of uncle block?

What is the rationale behind the mining reward of uncle block being 93.75% of a standard coinabase reward? And why was the percentage simplified and changed from the 87.5% in the original GHOST (https:...
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How to check uncle block when listening to new block?

I was reading the fantastic book and found this example to listen to new blocks from Ethereum. Could I ask in this case, how is uncle blocks handled? To put it in another ...
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Why does a permanent chain split occur only in a Hard Fork?

Have read a number of articles on what hard fork and soft fork actually are. But couldn't really get the essence of it. My understanding is Hard Fork brings a change in the core Blockchain code (...
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Let D be delay diameter of the network ,All the blocks will be either adopted or abondoned by all nodes at t+3D in the GHOST protocol?

I have read GHOST white paper some time. and some problems abount Proposition 2(The Convergence of History) in Chapter 5.1 is confused to me.Does it imply that all the blocks will be either adopted ...
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Why did Ethereum abandon the GHOST protocol?

It says here (minute 24) that Ethereum started with some limited implementation of GHOST, but then abandoned it two weeks after launch. Why was it abandoned?
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Uncle timestamp validity

Regarding acceptance/rejection of uncle blocks, what are acceptable block timestamps for an uncle block? Say: block123_timestamp = Y uncle123_timestamp = X Where X < Y. Is uncle123 a valid uncle, ...
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How do short confirmation times negatively contribute to blockchain security?

The Ethereum whitepaper states: The motivation behind GHOST is that blockchains with fast confirmation times currently suffer from reduced security due to a high stale rate - because blocks take a ...
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Where is the ethereum network implementation?

I am new to ethereum and have been reading about all the new things in ethereum with respect to bitcoin's blockchain. I have read about the GHOST protocol for using secondary blockchains instead of ...
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