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Topic0 of event with enum?

What would be the topic0 of an event with an (or multiple) enums or other non-standard, self-defined Solidity types in its parameters? Example: event EvInventory(bytes32 indexed itemHash,address maker,...
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Ethereum Undecodable logs

I have encountered this transaction where all of its logs were undecodable. If you see the value of topic0 in events logs, it is function signature but ideally it should be the event signature. From ...
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How to trace a token adress from an ERC 721 transfer transaction?

I have an Ethereum node which I connect using web3j library. In the code I iterate over transactions of a particular block and try to fetch information about ERC721 transfers. In particular, I want to ...
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48 views defining only last topic (is there 'and anything before' option?)

I was checking this post: 'topics' and this documentation: I see here, that I have various methods for defining ...
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How to tell anonymous events with the same arguments apart?

Because anonymous events do not contain the hash of their signature as their first topic, you cannot easily search for them on the blockchain. However, if the set of the indexed arguments of an ...
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