I have an Ethereum node which I connect using web3j library. In the code I iterate over transactions of a particular block and try to fetch information about ERC721 transfers. In particular, I want to trace the token address.

For example, here is a transaction transferring a token on Etherscan.

Etherscan is able to reference the token address.

enter image description here

By checking topics in the logs of the transactions receipt, I was able to find the token id (which is a number 9984), but not the token address.

Question: How to get a token address from an ERC721 transaction? How does Etherscan do it?

  • In the transaction receipt the contract address should appear with the logs entries.
    – Ismael
    Commented Feb 12, 2022 at 17:28

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You can use this API endpoint for Ropsten Network. It will provide you all the details with tokenID and other details of your address.


I am using Ropsten API because my contract is deployed on Ropsten Testnet. You can adjust block with your starting block.

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