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Is there a bundler that can be used with normal EOA without AA?

I've been playing around with ERC-4337: Account Abstraction Using Alt Mempool, it seems that there is a way to send multiple transactions and ensures they all returns success in sequential order. ...
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Payable multi-delegatecall

I have a code of multi-delegatecall like this: function multicall(bytes[] calldata _data) external payable returns(bytes[] memory _results) { _results = new bytes[](data.length); for (uint256 ...
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Decoding Result Struct from tryAggregate3 Multicall3 with

Hello Ethereum StackExchange community, I'm currently working with the Multicall3 contract's tryAggregate3 function which returns an array of Result structs with the following format: struct Result { ...
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`delegatecall` in batch call stops working as expected when changing the code slightly

I have the following function for batching multiple calls, which returns the result (success or not) and the return data for each corresponding call. function callBatch(bytes[] calldata calls) public ...
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Who will be msg.sender in Multicall?

Good day to all, I know that msg.sender is eoa if multicall delegate some function to (this), but what if we will pass in callData selector of Multicall with params of other function? So eoa->...
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Can I cut a fee using multicall on Uniswap V3?

I developed my own frontend for Uniswap V3, and I was asking myself if I could cut a small fee of the input token using multicall. Basically, I would calculate what 2 percent of the input token would ...
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multicall and transferFrom

so I have an account 0x1, and account 0x2. both of them have 0xToken. I want to send tokens to 0x3 with multicall transaction. I give allowance from 0x2 to 0x2 => 0x1 able to spend tokens from 0x2. ...
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How to check for transaction integrity for 2 different smart contracts?

Let's say I have smart contract A and smart contract B. I want to transfer the ownership of smart contract B to another account ONLY IF a transaction against smart contract A has been successful. I ...
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Multicall transaction execution using uniswap router failing

I'am trying to swap multiple tokens in single transaction (multicall). The transaction is going into pending state and failing after some time. The code snippet and the transaction hash is attached ...
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