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Questions tagged [multicall]

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`delegatecall` in batch call stops working as expected when changing the code slightly

I have the following function for batching multiple calls, which returns the result (success or not) and the return data for each corresponding call. function callBatch(bytes[] calldata calls) public ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Can I cut a fee using multicall on Uniswap V3?

I developed my own frontend for Uniswap V3, and I was asking myself if I could cut a small fee of the input token using multicall. Basically, I would calculate what 2 percent of the input token would ...
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1 answer

Payable multi-delegatecall

I have a code of multi-delegatecall like this: function multicall(bytes[] calldata _data) external payable returns(bytes[] memory _results) { _results = new bytes[](data.length); for (uint256 ...
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Decoding Result Struct from tryAggregate3 Multicall3 with

Hello Ethereum StackExchange community, I'm currently working with the Multicall3 contract's tryAggregate3 function which returns an array of Result structs with the following format: struct Result { ...
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