I was using geth (have quite a few accounts in here too) from the command line only on a different computer. I moved the files in keystore over to this computer I have now.

With the bug, all my balances show up as 0 on my other computer. The 1.4.12 hotfix seemed to only fix the crashing.

I want to switch over to something else for now at least and start using this computer for Ethereum management. When I open up Mist, accounts aren't automatically added from the keystore folder. Not sure how this program works yet.

What do I do with the files in my AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\keystore that I copied from the other computer folder to import it into Mist? Hopefully the geth bug gets fixed soon.

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From geth to Mist:

  • just run geth as you usually do.
  • in addition, run Mist or Ethereum-Wallet
  • the browser will automatically detect your running node and connect to it

From geth to parity:

  • don't run geth.
  • run parity --geth, it will copy over your keys from the geth keystore directory automatically and import them properly
  • have fun using parity, for example attach geth with geth attach to parity.
  • Mist should also work on top of that, like described above, but it's a bit buggy.

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