I downloaded Mist for my computer which runs Ubuntu version 18.04, and tried to import my private key but had these issues:

  • When going to FILE > IMPORT ACCOUNTS, the IMPORT ACCOUNTS option is grayed out, and not clickable.

  • I then tried going to FILE > BACKUP > ACCOUNTS, I located the "keystore" folder, and placed the UTC JSON file inside, though the mist wallet didn't include the account inside it, even when I reloaded it

  • I heard you could use geth to import keys, but I tried typing


    in the terminal to see what happens, and I get

    geth: command not found

QUESTION: Why can't I import keys to the mist wallet? Any information as to what I might be doing wrong or what other options I can try out would be very useful!

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The latest Mist version will install you the geth, if not you have to install it manually. You can follow this doc to do it

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