I want to run full ethereum mainnet node on ubuntu,

what dependencies are required to install and run geth on ubuntu?

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with go-lang you just need geth to run a fullnode to sync, no dependencies


Refer this presentation to understand hardware requirements.

Refer this article to understand why syncing with ethereum node is slow?

Lately, a lot of people have been having issues with Geth, especially concerning syncing problems which were taking a long time to complete. This article will talk about how to set up a Parity node as an alternative to get a working Ethereum node as quickly as possible.

  • i want know how to run ethereum mainet on ubuntu server and what terminal commands needed Jun 27, 2018 at 21:00

Install the latest Ethereum software.
Installing from PPA

  1. install software-properties-common(add-apt-repository command is under the package software-properties-common and you need to install this package in order to install add-apt-repository).

  2. add the ppa:ethereum/ethereum repository using the add-apt-repository command. Now you want to check your /sources.list.d/. For example if you are adding Launchpad to your wheezy /sources.list.d/

  3. updated versions of packages are available is obtained by running sudo apt-get update (or sudo aptitude update ), it is advisable to run this before installing any package
  4. Installing Go Ethereum. Install from a package manager. Install on macOS via Homebrew. Install on Ubuntu via PPAs. Install on Windows via Chocolatey. Download standalone bundle. Run inside docker container. Build it from source code.

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