I am trying to run full node on Ethereum mainnet; however, I believe geth doesn't sync. I started the GETH client with

geth --ws --http --http.api eth,net,engine,admin,txpool --authrpc.jwtsecret jwt.hex

Despite multiple attempts, it prints looking for peers for 2-3 times but then stops printing any information.

All I see is, beacon client online, but never received consensus updates. Please ensure your beacon client is operational to follow the chain!

I connected the consensus client and it is syncing but not the geth client.

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Your geth client will not start sync before your consensus-client does not sync completely. If you are using prysm consensus client, you can use checkpoint sync feature to sync in minutes so you don't need to wait.

This is also verified by go-ethereum team in this issue.


hi been waiting a few days to snyc and it written CC fully sync but Ec still 0.00% and not moving , anybody can help ?

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