I am experience long waiting times from start of the block-sync to the first block. Is there any way I can speed this up?

02-08 17:21:37.971 23640 23659 E GoLog   : I0208 16:21:37.980483 eth/downloader/downloader.go:326] Block synchronisation started
02-08 17:23:49.301 23640 23659 E GoLog   : I0208 16:23:49.318190 core/headerchain.go:342] imported   74 headers in 2m10.152s. #497051 [a8c9ba00… / 38f76ccb…]

this is using the in-process node from "org.ethereum:geth:1.5.8" on a galaxy note 4. Perhaps there is some setting to speed this up? This way it is not the best user-experience.

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