I am using geth 1.7.3-stable-4bb3c89d to sync with Ropsten network. I started synchronization with fast mode and restarted the service. When I type eth.syncing in geth console it always shows false but the new blocks are being imported.

eth.blockNumber in my node returns 4374961 but when I try to get one of the transaction info from that block then it returns null.

When will the transaction info of the blocks be downloaded in my node? I already removed the test database 3 times and started fresh with fast sync mode. I have 11 peers right now in my node. Do I need to change something to download block info?

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Ropsten has forked at block 4320000.

Via community decision, we've delayed the #Ethereum Ropsten testnet Constantinople hard fork by 1 epoch to block #4230000 (+5 days) to allow clients to implement, test and release an update to CREATE2, countering a recently found EVM DoS attack vector.

You have to update to at least geth v1.8.17

Geth v1.8.17 is our regular maintenance release, which among numerous bugfixes also features the full Constantinople feature set and enables it on the Ropsten testnet at block #4230000.

  • Thanks, I updated and started syncing with Ropsten (revival) bootnodes and everything is updated as expected. Nov 13, 2018 at 5:17

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