I have the seed phrase. I used it with different wallets at the same time.

  • Chromia Metamask
  • Firefox Metamask
  • Chrome Metamask
  • Metamask Mobile
  • Trustwallet Mobile

Seed phrase was also used to create multicoin wallet in Trustwallet. I was under influence of mind altering substances. Funds have not left my wallet but the last transaction shows that I allowed for a new token to be traded. Day after, entering seed phrase both in metamask and trust wallet gives empty wallets in result.

Long story short: while having a seed phrase is there a way to determine which of the possible derivation path generated out of this phrase has been used and or have a positive ETH balance?

Funds are left untouched since january.

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Without coding, you can try the offline, standalone version of


The check each address using an explorer to see which has a balance.

Always be very careful where you enter your seed phrase.

Good luck.

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