around 2018-04-14 I opened an eth wallet, which I am positive was with MetaMask. I have found a file on my computer that contains a 29 word seed phrase. I saved this file and labeled it "Do not delete, eth seed phrase". My issue is that no provider seems to have a 29 word seed phrase.

I've tried everything I can at this point to try and recover the seed phrase by other means like my AppData folder but I cant find anything helpful.

Is there any way I can make use of this seed phrase I saved? Maybe with an older version of MetaMask or some other provider which uses that long of a phrase? Can I convert the longer phrase into a shorter one?

Thanks for the help :)


If it is a legit seed phrase you can import it into most of the wallets. The seed phrase standard is called BIP-32. However the amount of seed words - 29 - strikes me odd. Usually you have 12 or 24 words and I have never heard of 29 words one. Maybe you inserted in some fake words?

  • darn I was hopping that at some point long ago some wallet used 29 words, guess not. knowing my dumb self adding fake words is exactly what I would have done to trick the hackers of the world :P as usually it only bites me! I will begin the exercise of trying all possible combinations and hopefully I get lucky. – lufthansa747 Jan 27 at 5:50
  • would you happen to know if it was a 12 or 24 word phrase that would have been generated? That may help me narrow down how many fake words I added. – lufthansa747 Jan 27 at 5:52
  • do words have to be unique in the phrase? – lufthansa747 Jan 27 at 6:00
  • I do not know, but you can find the answer by studying BIP-32 specification. I have never seen a seed phrase with a duplicate word. – Mikko Ohtamaa Jan 27 at 18:22
  • Mnemonic phrases are specified in BIP-39, not in BIP-32. The latter only defines how public and private keys should be derived from some kind of master seed, and BIP-39 specifies how to generate a master seed from a mnemonic phrase. BIP-39 mnemonic phrases can have a length of 12 to 24 words (including lengths like 15, 18, 21 words, though these are not common), but more than 24 words is technically not valid in the spec. – Morten yesterday

Do you remember if you ever used Sia? That's the only wallet I've used in the past with a 29 word recovery phrase.

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