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How do honeypot detectors work?

I stumbled upon honeypot detectors and was wondering how they worked. If I understand correctly, they simulate buy and sell transactions. If the sell goes through, it isn't honeypot, if it doesn't, it ...
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Does contract logic get executed with a SimulatedBackend?

I am trying to write a test, but I am surprised by an unexpected behavior with the SimulatedBackend. I am able to deploy the contract, and then call a function. The function runs an internal check, in ...
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Seeking testnet and wallet for students to learn how to use ethereum?

I have a class on finance and have been trying to make it relatively painless for students to learn about getting a wallet, Ethereum address, learn about transaction hash and block, etc. Unfortunately ...
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How Can I Simulate a Live Network Transaction Using Foundry or Hardhat?

I have written code in Rust to do Uniswap V2 swap via the ethers-rs library. This code is not part of a contract but rather a standalone application. I understand it's possible to test this locally. ...
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How to do a transaction simulation?

Alchemy(, Blocknative(, flashbots(eth_callbundle, mev_simbundle), they all have apis to simulate ...
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simulate a transaction considering another pending transaction

I have the following problem and have hard time to simulate it to get the answer. Let say I have a 5 WETH tokens. I sent transaction X with nonce 1 to transfer 5 tokens from Account A to Account B. ...
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Simulate TXNs in most recent block

I want to be able to simulate transactions on top of the most recent block in a performant way (think a few milliseconds at most). I am trying to avoid having to host a local geth node, as it is ...
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Not understanding gas calculation on an EVM network [Fantom]

This is a question about Gas fees for transactions. The bottom line is I can't understand the price (in gas units) of transaction - And I will walk you through a specific transaction to show you my ...
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Simulate transaction replacement on go-ethereum SimulatedBackend

i'm writing in go-lang and using go-ethereum package to interact with nodes. For testing purposes go-ethereum provides blockhchain simulation via SimulatedBackend (
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Does the 0x00 address has some amount of any ERC20 token? Want to simulate

I want to be able to generate txid simulations on a forked blockchain programmatically, with the only details being known to the program are the functions to be executed. This will be used for ...
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Ethereum contract "checksum" and contract simulating

I was looking at different contract simulators and I was wondering how are they made. I can see that they determine all of the functions that a given contract have, eg: --------------------------------...
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Is there a way to do Monte Carlo Simulation for Ethereum Blockchain?

I'm a financial engineer student taking a blockchain technology electives. I recently also studied the Monte Carlo Simulation. I'm trying to see how we can use blockchain to do Monte Carlo Simulation. ...
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how to simulate a transaction before it is mined? [duplicate]

My program needs to know how the transactions in the mempool will affect the state when mined. Does anyone know of any tools to help with this? Is is possible by chaing go ethereum source code? or ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How to simulate a transaction before sending it

Miners will include the transactions into block and those will change the state of a lot of variables including the balances of accounts. I wanted to do it in my local node before sending transaction! ...
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Simulation of an Ethereum network for Research

I am looking into simulating an Ethereum network for a college project and wondering what is the best route to take to get as close to the main nets metrics as possible. The project involves setting ...
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How to get opcode trace of failed transaction without solidity source?

tldr: want to run simulated transactions against deployed bytecode on rinkeby that has no verified solidity source, and step through opcodes and view stack/memory leading up to revert. To clairfy: in ...
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