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Runtime bytecode not contained in creation bytecode

I'm currently delving into EVM and contract bytecode. My understanding is that by sending a transaction to the NULL address with both the initcode and contract code, and ensuring that the init code ...
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type(C).creationCode who has access to this?

Who has access to this? For example, if I call type(SimpleStorage).creationCode, wouldn't this cause an issue because there are a lot of SimpleStorage's How does the type() function know the specific ...
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Does address.code return runtime or creation code

You have three options to retrieve bytecode: type(C).runtimeCode which returns the runtime code of a contract, type(C).creationCode which returns the creation code of a contract and address.code which ...
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Does the max code size limitation apply to init code, too?

Deployed bytecode (i.e. the one returned by contract creation) ought to be at most 0x6000 = 24576 bytes long. Does this limitation apply to init code passed on as input data of a user triggered ...
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How is it the case that a contract's deployed code is longer than 24.576KB given EIP 170?

The deployed code associated with the contract address 0x05c848E3547Bc3Ccd977B84140FDC917Bfff96a1 is longer than EIP 170 permits (I think?). I know I'm misunderstanding something, but am struggling to ...
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Is there an ABI for wallet addresses?

If I am using the Web3 library, and I want to fetch a list of all tokens associated with my user account, would I be completely wrong in thinking that I need to use: const myAccount = new web3.eth....
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How to get the actual runtime bytecode from creation bytecode and constructor arguments without deploying

Possible outputs of the Solidity compiler include creation bytecode and deployed (runtime) bytecode. However, this compiled deployed bytecode might not be the same as the one that will actually be ...
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1 answer

Why does the creationCode of this contract change if a change is made in the importing contract?

For the following: pragma solidity >=0.5.0; contract Include { uint z = 1; } contract CreationCode { uint k = 1; function get() external returns (bytes32) { return keccak256(...
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How do I develope a QR code for a 64 character hex string generated ethereum address?

I am learning about how the 64 character hex string generated Eth Address is formed. Is there a program for this?
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What is the difference between bytecode, init code, deployed bytecode, creation bytecode, and runtime bytecode?

I constantly see different types of bytecode and do not know what each of them are. What are the differences between bytecode, init code, deployed bytecode, creation bytecode, and runtime bytecode?
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