I'm not able to deploy any contract (the greeter contract does not work either) using Mist 0.8.6 in Windows. The deployment just hangs there and nothing really happens. Is there a way to figure out what is going on? I've tried restarting Mist but that had no effect.



This is the information from one of the contracts: https://testnet.etherscan.io/tx/0x3abd39f86738318ad93d9f183903dc678a77b0b2259a5d7dd3a7079e984e52bc

I'm no expert but it does seem the contract was successfully created. However, it does not show in the Mist browser.

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Your contract was sucessfully mined 20 hours ago at 0xf99cb2f121635788ea26177fcb7b8bf878c7756a on testnet.

To add it to mist, go to contracts and click on "watch contract":

mist screenshot of adding a contract

Enter the name, the contract address and the ABI. This should further allow you to interact with the contract.

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    Thanks for the help. But, why isn't Mist doing this automatically? It used to do it just a couple of days ago ...
    – Carlos
    Oct 21, 2016 at 14:06

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