I'm trying to deploy a contract on the mainnet, and I'm using Solidity 0.4.24

I can only deploy the contract as byte code because I can't figure out how to upgrade the solidity compiler in mist (the question is not about that).

Deploying the contract as byte code works fine on Ropsten. However, on the mainnet I tried at least 20 times and I always get 0 confirmations. I even increased the FEE slider to the maximum.

My question:

  • Does the mainnet not yet accept this version of solidity?
  • Do I have to increase the fee even more?
  • Is it because I'm deploying it as byte code directly?
  • Are you able to publish any transactions to mainnet via Mist? Try sending a few Wei to yourself. Mar 26 '19 at 12:54

Somehow this solved my problem:

  • Quit MIST
  • Stop geth
  • Start geth with --cache=1024
  • Start MIST

Now it works. Maybe it just needed a restart, maybe I got lucky or maybe it was the cache parameter.

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