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my ganache -cli environment

I use ganache-cli --db to create a private test chain and save it on my computer, and the result is below: enter image description here

I use web3py w3.personal.newAccount('1') to add a new address, and I use print(len(w3.personal.listAccounts)) to show the amount of accounts, and the result is belowenter image description here

but when I shut down(ctrl +c) and turn on the ganache-cli again, I find there is no account saved.

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You must specify a location to save and load the DB from.

Both times you run the command, simply specify a location, like so:

ganche-cli --db="~/my/DB/path"

  • I try add my location but no helps. Could you please give me some more details? – Lance li Apr 13 at 15:57

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