I start my service by:

ganache-cli -d --gasPrice 0 -q --db=./db

This persists my 10 defaults created accounts, but when I create new accounts using Web3:


All the created accounts desapears after I restart the Ganache CLI command. So I cannot unlock this accounts. But all my erc20 token balance are there.

How can I persist the new created accounts?


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Command-line option -d does not persist your accounts. It just generates them deterministically, i.e. the same addresses are generated every time you run it. Here is what documentation says about this:

-d or --deterministic: Generate deterministic addresses based on a pre-defined mnemonic.

I doubt ganache is able to persist accounts at all, because it was designed for clean-room testing.

  • It allows persistence of blockchain data if you use the same parameters -i, -d and -db in each invocation. But I'm not sure if the accounts details are part of the database.
    – Ismael
    Apr 20, 2019 at 7:17

Account won't be persistent when you rerun the ganache-cli

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