Currently, I have a node.js application which interacts with geth through web sockets. I have a listener,

web3.eth.subscribe( 'pendingTransactions', function(err, result) { 

    if(!err) { 

.on('data', function(transaction) {  

    console.log( transaction ) 


This listener is working perfectly fine, but it gives me data whenever any unmined transaction is detected by my geth node.

I know, i can use to and from properties from the transaction details and check if this transaction belongs to my address.

However, I would like to know if there is some way by which i can automatically get pending transactions related to my wallet addresses only like in bitcoin (wallet-notify).

If not, am I thinking the right way that I will need to filter these transactions out myself?

Also, what is the best approach to monitor transactions? What if I somewhow, miss a websocket notification. Now, how can i sync my transactions native database with blockchain database?

It would be great if anybody can share his inputs/experience here

Thanks in advance.

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