I set up a private network on my computer and was running some codes written in Python using web3.py, until I faced ImportError:

ImportError: The 'pyparsing' package is required; normally this is bundled with this package so if you get this warning, consult the packager of your distribution.

This didn't happen in the beginning. I was running my codes and everything was running good, but today while playing around with eth_tester I faced this error, which looks more like common Python error. And from the time I first saw this error message I was unnable to run any of my codes, which were running normally before.

The error is invoked by this line:

import web3

I have these versions of modules in my PyCharm:

Pyparsing 2.2.0

Web3 3.11.1 

pip 9.0.1

  • I am using WIN7SP1
  • Codes are being launched from the Command-line interface
  • I tried to reinstall web3.py, pyparsing and eth_tester in case problem was in module, but it didn't help

When I try import pyparsing it says:

AttributeError: module 'copy' has no attribute 'copy'

Yes, I was thinking to ask this question on StackOverflow, because I still think that this is more of Python problem, but this error happens only when I use web3.py and not any other module. So the problem might be in web3.

I appreciate any suggestions and comments on how to solve this problem.

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Make sure none of your other .py files are called copy.py or pyparsing.py. This sounds like an issue of mangle namespace.

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    copy.py was actually a problem in my case. Thank you @AdamY. Jan 3, 2018 at 1:25

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