I tried to set up a Brownie project that looks like this

+- scripts
|  +- package_one
|  |  +- __init__.py
|  |  +- deploy_contract_one.py
|  +- package_two
|  |  +- __init__.py
|  |  +- deploy_contract_two.py
|  +- utils
|     +- __init__.py
|     +- helper.py
+- contracts
+- ...

where the deploy scripts import helper.py as from utils import helper. When I run a python script via the python executable, I can pass the -m flag to tell it the script is in a package, but brownie run doesn't have anything similar.

When I try to run either of my deploy scripts with brownie run package_one.deploy_contract_one, the error is FileNotFoundError: Cannot find package_one.deploy_contract_one.

If I try running with brownie run package_one/deploy_contract_one, then it can find my deploy script, but the error I get is ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'utils'.

Everything works if I move the deploy and helper scripts to the root scripts folder and use relative imports.

Is it possible for Brownie to run python scripts in packages, or do I need to restructure this project?

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I figured it out. If I put an __init__.py in my scripts folder and import my helper.py as from scripts.utils import helper, then I can run it as brownie run package_one/deploy_contract_one.

Additionally, if you installed brownie with pipx, you'll need to inject outside packages into your project.

So instead of

pip install matplotlib

It would be

pipx inject eth-brownie matplotlib

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