What is the big difference between:

contract Crowdsale {
    MintableToken public token;
    uint256 public someInt;

    function Crowdsale (uint256 _constructorArgument){
      someInt = _constructorArgument;
      token   = createTokenContract();

    function createTokenContract() internal returns (MintableToken) 
      return new MintableToken();


contract Crowdsale {
    MintableToken public token = new MintableToken();
    uint256 public someInt     = theValueIWouldPassAsConstrArgument;

    function Crowdsale (){


The second version is much cleaner imho. I have less code. No need for constructor Arguments...

What is the difference? I would prefer the second version. But maybe I am wrong.

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The second version will only work with hardcoded values.

How would you instantiate a new object with different paramters, dynamically?

You can't do this:

Crowdsale c = new Crowdsale(10);
  • Ok, makes sense. But there is no difference? Actually most examples do not need dynamic values. If this is the only reason I would stick to my version as long as I do not need dynamic creation...
    – kn1g
    Dec 15, 2017 at 20:38

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